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The Life is Art. The Art is Love. The Love is Life(FOREVER!!)

Hello my beautiful friends and family around the world. Thank you so much for sending your thoughts and messages with your pure love to me and Zach and our families.

4years ago Zach and I started new shape of relationship of mom and son. Already 4years… I can’t believe our new relationship is longer than he lived in this world.

I feel his love is everywhere and specially I receive them through your beautiful hearts! Thank you to my beautiful friends

Today, Zach and I would like to share with you our new project that we’ve been creating together at Hawaii. We wrote story for children’s book with nature of Hawaii

Our intentions of this book is children will have their unlimited imagination forever and expand freely

And it will be published in Japan in this month!! It includes Japanese and English version of story.

I never dreamed to be an author… I manifested all my dreams and wishes in my past.. then I wished to be a mom who support son’s dream. And he left…

I believe he has been helping and supporting me to manifest all my dreams and wishes. Even before he came to this world.

And I hope I am supporting his dreams now. I want to be a better mom and want to see him again.

Thank you so much for reading this. I appreciate from my heart to your love & support!!

I am so honored to been his mom. Thank you. July 1st 2022

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