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Published picture book "Adventure of Amamizu" in English & Japanese

About this book

The main character of this book is "Amamizu".

Amamizu is “the raindrop” in Japanese. We are all made with water from the Universe.

So YOU are Amamizu, YOU are the main character.

With the magical power of this water that resonates with the energy of the Universe,

you are drawn inside the world of a Great Big Tree and begin a multidimensional adventure.

As you discover that your free will and imagination are what move you along,

the harmonious and warm world inside the tree expands infinitely

into new worlds as the Amamizu (YOU) learn and grow.

You are guided along this adventure experience through your senses.

You encounter creatures from both natural and mystical worlds while learning how to recognize and use the wonderful abilities that humans were born with

- the powers of imagination, intuition, and intention.

You realize how powerful these abilities are - and come to understand that

the key to using these to make your dreams come true,

is found in pure love and heartfelt belief.

As the special main character of the story,

you get to take this magic with you into your own world.

"The Adventure of Amamizu" will be the entrance to your own adventure!

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