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November - New Moon to Full Moon Exercise Class

My purpose of this exercise circle is to have good quality of life. I believe the most important thing to happily conduct life activities is harmony. For that, we needs productive use of time, releasing bad habits, connecting with nature and eating healthy. I would like to provide the space for us to remain aware, objective and to self analyze yourself. 🌑Benefits of this exercise circle are🌕 ・You can participate from your home or anywhere around world. ・Refresh with Sound Meditation on New moon & Full Moon. ・Make high vibration and positive energy. ・Keep your daily motivation. ・Feel power of moon energy. ・Realize you have power of visualization. ・Find great balance in your physical and spiritual body. ​・Know yourself more.

HOW IT WORKS: Sign up and prepare your motivation and smile. It's $5 for a one class drop in or $20 for a monthly membership to attend all classes.     ↓ Join for 40 minutes of video chat with the group. Create goals, request exercise & ask questions.     ↓ Join Daily from New Moon to Full Moon 30 Minutes of Exercise & 10 Minutes of Meditation each class.     ↓ Click on Online Classes, Select an Event, Pick a Day/Time, and Book it.     ↓ Book All of the Days & Times you are available Daily Start Times: This will be listed on your Members page after you sign up for classes. Includes: Meet & Greet Meeting New Moon Meditation 20 Exercise Classes within 14 Days Full Moon Meditation ♡ Classes may be rescheduled or cancelled as needed. ​♡ If you like this program, please share with your friends and family. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW



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