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    I am sharing my daily exercise and experiences. My purpose of this exercise circle is to have good quality of life. I believe the most important thing to happily conduct life activities is harmony.  For that, we needs productive use of time, releasing bad habits, connecting with nature and eating healthy. I would like to provide the space for us to remain aware, objective and to self analyze yourself.

I am offering only in Japanese right now. If you want to join our circle please contact me.💓

Benefits of this exercise circle are:

・You can access all Moon Exercises & Events

・You can participate from your home or anywhere around world.

​・Every classes are live EXERCISE with KANAKO from Hawaii.

・You can request your best time before setting schedule every moon cycle.

・Make high vibration and positive energy.

・Keep your daily motivation.

​・Synchronized with Moon cycle and Natural energy.

・Realize you have power of visualization.

・Find great balance in your physical and spiritual body.

​・Know yourself more.


This exercise is offering for New Moon Member($22/month) and Super Moon Member($20/month).

☆New Moon to Full Moon - New beginning to blossom.

Exercises focus is about muscle strength. Letting go bad habit of posture or movement and construct power & confidence. 

☆Full Moon to Dark Moon(a night before new moon) - 

Exercise focus is circulation of energy and movement. Aerobic exercise, release, detox and self massage .

☆Start from New moon member after 12 month(13 moon cycle)

you are become Super Moon Member.

☆Super Moon Member can join exercises for Energy (spiritual) body.




Using magic energy of the Moon is the practice of  action with your will according to the different moon phases, with the purpose of connecting with the lunar energy to transform your reality.

We can work magic through all the moon phases: each one of them has a different energy that can be used to manifest our wishes successfully.

Every single lunar cycle is a new opportunity to achieve our goals since the first of the phases: The New Moon, which represents the dark and fertile soil, ready to germinate seeds. She carries the magic of new beginning and it's the propitious time to set your intentions.

Next, comes the Waxing Moon, connected to the full of energy and growth. That seed which has grown into a plant about to bloom. She brings us the first results.

The Full Moon, represents The Mother. It's a phase of magic, fertility and abundance. our little plant has now plenty of blossoms. Now we can look at the results of our intentions.

The Waning Moon, is like the ripe fruit hanging from the tree. The energy decreases slowly during this phase. Time for quiet contemplation.

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