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 Thank you for visiting my website.

I decided to create this site in gratitude

for the relationship I had with everyone. 


 Ever since I was little, my dream has been to

inspire, hope and dream many people through

synchronized swimming (now: artistic swimming).

I have experienced performances on various

stages, such as the World Championships, the

Olympics, and Cirque du Soleil “O” show. Also, I

have been given the opportunity to produce a

unique show, from writing to directing and

performing. When I create stage of art, I put

my heart with my love, gratitude and passion.


 The most important thing is the harmony of team. My intention of creations is contributing a space for soul resonance and healing to audience. There are many different things that we can create. Performance, shows, music, and art are the first things that come to our mind, but these are just a few of the things we can create. The possibilities of “creation” are endless. such as making dreams come true from daily motivation, creating miracles, turning sadness and anger into love, finding light from despair, and fulfilling destiny. The possibilities of "creation" are endless. 


 I learned about souls, prayers, energy, and the universe as if guided by nature, which led me to become more aware of myself as a healer. When we meditate or pray, we feel the universe, just like that I feel the great love and light energy of the universe in the process of performing and producing show or event. I am where I am today because of the support of my family, and friends around the world. I want to tell as many people as possible how grateful I am and how wonderful the energy of the love I received from you all. So, I would like to live by sharing what I can do so that I can support the realization of your happiness.


 Let's use our power of imagination and the power of belief to always shine on the stage of life. And exchange the energy of smiles with each other, and move forward together to create a better world! Each of us is the director and main character of the stage of our lives. Please write the script as you wish and draw your dreams on a pure white canvas in your heart.

 Please feel free to contact me if you want to experience miracle and magick with me!

                                        Thank you,

                                        Kanako Kitao Spendlove

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